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VHDL Training in Dehradun Course Content

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VHDL Training in Dehradun

CETPA Infotech Pvt Ltd is the No 1 training Company in Dehradun for VHDL as well other latest technologies. CETPA provides real-time and placement oriented VHDL course in Dehradun. CETPA’s VHDL training course content is basically designed from basic to advanced levels. CETPA Dehradun is having best VHDL Training infrastructure in the region. CETPA Dehradun and other branches have team of the best VHDL Training experts who are working professionals with hands on real time VHDL projects expertise, which provides CETPA an edge over other VHDL training Institutes. CETPA Dehradun has basically designed the VHDL training course content for the students as well as professionals to get the placement in major MNC companies as soon as they complete the VHDL training course. VHDL training in Dehradun imparted by CETPA Infotech is delivered on short term as well as long term basis. CETPA also imparts VHDL training on Live Projects. CETPA Infotech is also an authorized training partner of Microsoft, VHDL, Panasonic and Autodesk.

CETPA Infotech is a training company which provides vocational training as well as VHDL Training in Dehradun with emphasis on technical skills and knowledge for a particular job function. CETPA Infotech also provides internship opportunities to fresh graduates and those who want to pursue their career in development. CETPA Infotech provides vocational training in VHDL design to help the student’s transition from academic learning to professional learning. CETPA Infotech is the best VHDL training center in Dehradun which provides training in every domain of engineering. CETPA conduct corporate trainings and open house workshops on VHDL for Engineering students and Professionals. The Curriculum of the VHDL Trainings and Workshops in CETPA is set in such a manner that students and professionals can gain more experience in the field they choose. CETPA is expanding every day in terms of knowledge due to its expertise in the training field. This level of knowledge is surely shown in the VHDL placement record of CETPA.



CETPA trained VHDL students are placed in top notch companies & top universities globally. CETPA is an effective VHDL training company in Dehradun because it provides the training in such a manner which is actually the need of the today industries. VHDL training course by CETPA lays the foundation to start lucrative career in Dehradun and world. CETPA is one of the oldest VHDL training companies in the market which makes us realize the requirement and need of the market. Many universities & CETPA Dehradun have joined hands together to meet the growing demand for trained manpower of VHDL by providing extensive training on VHDL. CETPA Infotech has been acting as a bridge to fulfill the gap between Academia and Industry. If student have extra time of learning then they can spend their time in well-equipped labs of CETPA. CETPA is the oldest and largest training company which provides VHDL training and placement in Dehradun. CETPA completely focuses on providing powerful and practical training to enhance individual and group capabilities. CETPA also provides customized VHDL training according to the need of the student and professionals. CETPA also provides high quality study material to every student to get the best approach.

CETPA also provides Summer & winter VHDL training in Dehradun. CETPA also offers excellent placement and internship programs to every student. CETPA provides a number of career oriented courses for different segments like student, job seekers and professionals. CETPA is most trusted VHDL training company in Dehradun in engineering domain. All branches of CETPA are well equipped with training and development facility and great infrastructure required for VHDL training. CETPA trainers who provide VHDL training in Dehradun have 5 to 15 years Industry experience. CETPA provides practical training as well as theoretical classes to clear the basic fundamental concept. CETPA provides exhaustive practice session to learn the concept effectively in Dehradun. CETPA encourages students to use the labs to gain better technical viability and experience. CETPA’s mission is to become most essential, respected and professional development company in Dehradun. VHDL Training in Dehradun is provided by CETPA Infotech with best training facilities.

CETPA Infotech provides best VHDL Training in Dehradun and acknowledged by no. of industry giants. CETPA is the No. 1 Training Company for VHDL Training in Dehradun as well No. 1 Training provider since last decade. VHDL Training Programs in Dehradun were introduced at CETPA since its inception. CETPA provides customized and tailor made VHDL Training Solutions in Dehradun for students and industry professionals. CETPA provides live project based training for PTU, UPTU, UTU, RGPV, DU, MDU, KU and other state as well deemed universities across India.

CETPA deliver training via different modes in VHDL like

• VHDL online training
• VHDL class room Training in Dehradun
• VHDL Instructor led training in Dehradun
• VHDL Company campus training
• VHDL College campus training
• VHDL Boot camp training
• VHDL Vocational training in Dehradun
• VHDL Industrial training in Dehradun
• VHDL Project Based training in Dehradun
• VHDL Corporate Training in Dehradun
• VHDL Customized Training in Dehradun
• VHDL Project Internship in Dehradun
• VHDL Student and Professional Training in Dehradun
• VHDL Live Project Training in Dehradun
• VHDL Placement Oriented Training in Dehradun
• VHDL Summer Training in Dehradun
• VHDL Winter Training in Dehradun
• VHDL Regular Training in Dehradun
• Best VHDL Training in Dehradun
• VHDL Summer Schools in Dehradun
• VHDL stipend based training in Dehradun

Why VHDL Training in Dehradun from CETPA Infotech:

• CETPA is ranked No. 1 Training Institute in Dehradun which provides training in VHDL and other high end technologies.
• CETPA is having reputed and industry experienced best VHDL experts.
• CETPA provided certification programs and partner to no of big corporate houses like Microsoft, VHDL, Panasonic, Autodesk and more.
• CETPA provided industry oriented practical VHDL Training.
• Students trained by CETPA in VHDL are placed in reputed MNCs.
• CETPA is having well developed infrastructure and Labs for VHDL Students
• CETPA provides hostel and PG facility for students in Dehradun.
• CETPA is registered by Ministry of Corporate Affairs and ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization.
• CETPA offers separate certificate for VHDL projects on company letter head after completion of the training.
• CETPA provide VHDL Training kit to all enrolled students in Dehradun and other branches
• CETPA provides 1 year membership card to all VHDL and other technologies enrolled students.
• CETPA is a group of companies viz CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd. and CETPA Global Services Pvt. Ltd. Students trained by CETPA Infotech are provided opportunity to work on live projects undergoing at CETPA Development Cell of CETPA Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
• CETPA provides free of cost Personality Development and Apti Training to all 6 Months Training Students in Dehradun and other branches.
• Training provided by CETPA is considered as compulsory vocational, industrial, project based training as per university course curriculum.
• CETPA is the only training company in Dehradun, which provides online certificate verification facility on our website.
• CETPA Infotech Dehradun and other branches provide free web sub domain and web space to all interested students.

CETPA is the one spot destination for all aspiring students and professionals. You can find 100 other reasons to join CETPA. Call Us, Join CETPA and feel the difference.

Course Content


• Library Declaration
• Entity
• Architecture
• Configuration


• Variables
• Constants
• Signals
• Delta Delay
• Operators in VHDL
• Shift Operator
• Relational Operator
• Arithmetic Operator
• User-Defined Data Types
• Pre-Defined Data Types
• Arrays
• Record


• Keyword description of Dataflow Modeling.
• When else statement.
• With Select Statement.


• Process Keyword.
• Conditional Statements
• If else statement
• Case statement
• Loops in VHDL
• For Loop
• While Loop
• No Iteration Scheme Loop
• Sequential Circuits in Behavioral Modeling
• Flip-Flops
• Counters
• Combinational Circuits in Behavioral Modeling
• Decoder
• Encoder
• Multiplexer
• Logic Gates
• Attribute
• Signal Attribute
• Data Attribute
• User-Defined Attribute
• Package
• Pre-defined Package
• User-defined Package
• Sub programs.
• Function.
• Local Function
• Pre-defined Function
• Procedure.
• Local Procedure
• Pre-defined Procedure
• NULL Statement
• NEXT Statement
• EXIT Statement


• Benefits of Structural Modeling.
• Components.
• Component Interfacing
• Port Mapping


• Introduction to FINITE STATE MACHINE (FSM).
• Moore’s Machine.
• Mealy Machine.
• Counters (MOD-3, MOD-5, MOD-7)
• Flip Flops using FSM.


• Memory Design


• Design of ALU
• Traffic Light Controller
• Single way
• Four way
• Design of Shift Unit
• Design of Comparator
• Booth Multiplier
• Wallance Tree Multiplier


• Introduction to FPGA.
• Introduction to CPLD.
• Brief Description of Hardware KIT.
• Working on Physical FPGA & CPLD.
• Interfacing of LED’s.
• Keypad Scanner




• 7 Segment interfacing.
• Counter on 7-Segment.
• LCD Interfacing.


• Test bench.
• Delays in VHDL.
• Generics & generic map.
• Guarded block.
• Overloading
• Operator overloading.
• Function overloading.


• Needs of VERILOG HDL.
• Difference between Verilog HDL & VHDL.
• Application of Verilog HDL
• Market Need.

• TLC- 4 Road / 1 Way on FPGA / CPLD XILINX SPRTAN 3E.

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